ZTE Home Multi-parameter Recorder H8

The Home Multi-parameter Recorder H8 is an intelligent health monitoring and management device which combines the testing of ECG, blood pressure, blood glucose and blood oxygen. H8 provides 2G/3G/4G, Bluetooth and WI-FI network transmission, USB and SD card interfaces. It is integrated with professional health analysis and management software. With H8, users can register and login to establish their personal health archives, upload the real-time private information and self-test data to online health platform via WI-FI. Through powerful professional background software, a risk assess- ment will be conducted to determine the risk of users’ getting sickness. Users enable to contract doctor through telephone or message to evaluate the effect. This product is applicable for community, nursing home, and family members. It is dedicated for testing four vital signs, and also combined with such functions as health self-test, risk assessment, health management,interaction of patient and doctor, and online consulting.

Integration : ntegrated with testing of four physiological parameters; easy to operate and carry; Composed of panel and base; the panel can be used alone
Standard Parameters : preset with basic testing items prescribed by the current law, which can be extended
Health Online : Perform risk assessment for user’s health archives and form a professional promotion program, intervened by online doctor, and form a monthly intervention report
Wireless Transmission : Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication, the real-time uploading and sharing of health data.
Storage : Special storage box for storing testing accessories Social Network Sharing : Self-test data will be automatically sent to family’s WeChat through the platform.