The all-in-one health terminal D-001 is a multi-function intelligent health management device, integrating test functions of ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen saturation, pulse and body temperature. It integrates network transmission methods include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G and Ethernet and provides data interfaces for USBs, TF cards and SIMs. Based on an ID card identification technol- ogy, it supports users to register and log in with their ID cards to create their personal health records and upload their personal information and health records to the citizen health management cloud service platform through Wi-Fi or a 2G/3G/4G network. The product could be used by health centers, village clinics, families, communities and drugstores to detect the physiological parameters of human bodies. Its portable design is convenient for the grassroots doctors to pay home visits to patients.

High Integration : A number of physiological parameter detection capabilities are integrated, easy-to-operate, easy-to-carry.
Video Call : Video call function, and online video guidance by experts.
Standard Parameter : Preset seven basic detection items which are extensible and compliant with related existing policy of the state.
Data Platform : Integrated management resident’s health records and health data, realize resource sharing about health data.
Characteristic ECG : Having twelve lead EDC simultaneous acquisition and automatic diagnostic analysis, Help doctor determine abnormalities on electrocardiogram, which with remote ECG diagnosis function.
GPS : uild-in positioning chip for product positioning and installation of an anti-theft module.
Identity : Second-generation ID card technology allows users to swipe registration and login, establish personal health information record.
Wireless Communications : support Wi-Fi, 2G/3G, Bluetooh wireless communications to reallize real-time upload and sharing of health data.